puzzleADHD is a multi-pronged syndrome so it deserves a multi-pronged treatment strategy.  Medication can be a quick fix for some but the fact is that many parents are ill equipped with ADHD knowledge, strategies and approaches to deal with their child’s, or their won, multi-faceted issues.

It’s no wonder than that many people are at their wits end when searching for the right treatment plan and frustration levels can be at an all time high.  everyday ADDvice will attempt to help you through various avenues such as our “Ask the Editor” section, informative articles and even advice from some of Canada’s most successful ADHD coaches.

everyday ADDvice will look into new approaches every other month with tips on nutrition and supplements, exercise, various popular medications, ADHD coaching and many other treatment plans.  There have been a staggering amount of advances in the world of ADHD in the last decade and everyday ADDvice will keep you in the loop with all of them.  Our team of professionals will help you find the right pieces to your treatment to help build your ADHD puzzle, piece by piece.

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