Many parents are ill equipped with ADHD coping strategies to deal with their kid’s hyperactivity and inattention problems.  It’s no wonder than that many parents are at their wits end when they are continuously bombarded by their kids’ teachers and coaches that their young ones are not paying attention or are daydreaming in school.

These parents are, of course, fully aware that concentration is a very important aspect of learning and communicating, and that such problems should be seriously looked into.   Because ADHD is a hidden handicap, it could result in the untreated child developing personality problems in adulthood.

everyday ADDvice is every parents essential tool to coping strategies on every level with parenting in the home, in a social setting or even at a grocery store.  everyday ADDvice will provide you, the reader, parenting strategies to smooth out any rough spots with tips and tricks, advice from the professionals and messages from our own readers.  Sometime all it takes is a few small adjustments in your parenting strategies and the way you interact with your child to make a good day an even better day.


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