Writer’s Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for everyday ADDvice.  Please note that as we publish every other month and  we commission articles at least 3 MONTHS in advance.  Also, please note that unsolicited articles will neither be read nor responded to.

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Please send your submission idea via email either in the body of your email or in a Word document.
  2. Ensure your first paragraph is strong and reflects the article you intend to write.
  3. Indicate how you would develop the article, its proposed structure, and the angle you would take.
  4. Please indicate the approximate length of the proposed article and provide a possible date of delivery.
  5. Please provide your credentials, expertise, training, and, if possible, links to one or two samples of your published writing.
  6. Please send all submissions to

Articles must only be on any of the following topics:

  • ADHD / ADD – for children, youth and adults
  • Children’s health and welfare
  • Mental Wellness for children, youth and adults
  • Parenting
  • School
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Education
  • Comorbidity
  • Health and nutrition, specifically for children and youth and mental wellness

If our team likes your submission and your proposed article is accepted, we will send you the Submission Guidelines for the article as well as a contract.

A review of your submission may take several weeks due to the high volume of submissions we receive.

We thank you in advance for your interest in writing for everyday ADDvice.