Exciting News in the #ADHD World

iGotThis appHi everyone! We recently learned of a new app that is getting some buzz in the ADHD community called “iGotThis”. We reached out to the founder of the company and are very excited about what we learned and wanted to share some information with our followers. The iGotThis app was developed by a father of 3 ADHD kids (and has ADHD himself) and is the first task management app designed specifically for *our kind* of families. It focuses on building independence and self-esteem in ADHD kids, while helping them get things done and stay focused. It also gives parents real-time notifications when kids are (or aren’t!) doing what they are supposed to so you don’t have to “helicopter” around them to make sure things are happening. Their web site, http://www.iGotThis.com/ has a bunch of details about the app as well as the story behind the family that is bringing this to market.

The app is due to be released in the spring and developer is seeking to “crowd fund” the final stages of development through Kickstarter. That site allows you to pledge money to purchase the product now and in return you get early access to the app, special “pre-launch” pricing, and lots of other rewards for backing it. More info can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/igotthis/igotthis-app-for-adhd-families-get-stuff-done

We aren’t endorsing the product since it is not out yet, but we certainly are excited about the prospect and want to encourage everyone in the ADHD community to check it and see if this is something you want to get behind.


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