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See what people are saying about everyday ADDvice:

Dr. John Ratey, MD

“There can never be enough good resources for people with ADHD. There is a plethora of information out there and everyday ADDvice will be a much needed useful resource for people that will be specific to the Canadian life style. There is a lot of new information which will lead to better lives for people with ADHD. It is always helpful to have information validated and provided by a trusted source.”

Dr. John Ratey, MD Author and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Adam Kreek

"Eat whole foods, move your body vigorously, meditate and have good sleep hygiene. These four pillars are the foundation of good mental health. But sometimes we need more. everyday ADDvice is a new and exciting resource for Canadians looking to increase their knowledge of ADHD solutions. Small steps, like joining this community, can add up to make a big difference."

Adam Kreek Men's Health Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist
Alan Brown

“Where have you been all my life, everyday ADDvice?! This is the kind of resource our ADHD tribe needs more of. Great format, relevant articles and delivered in an ADD-friendly style. Two keys to success with ADHD – whether you’re a teen, an adult or a parent of an ADHD child – are deeper understanding and actionable knowledge. Now Canada has a great source for both.”

Alan Brown ADHD Coach and Creator of ADD Crusher™ Videos & Tools for ADHD Teens and Adults
Dr. Edward Hallowell, MD

"The month of October is ADHD Awareness Month. It also marks the 22nd anniversary of the publication of my book, Driven to Distraction on ADHD. When it was first released, many medical experts questioned the validity of ADHD as a real condition. Now, ADHD is recognized as a real, brain-based medical disorder that affects people from all walks of life. We’ve come far since 1994, and we are delighted to join with our Canadian friends to collectively continue to raise awareness of ADHD. Unfortunately, we still have far to go when it comes to our view of those with ADHD. We hope to work closely together with everyday ADDvice magazine to eliminate the stigma often associated with ADHD."

Dr. Edward Hallowell, MD Author, Child Psychiatrist, and Founder of The Hallowell Centres
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